October 19th

6 Ways to Feel Good This Season


Here at the Sussex Hamper Company (and with our Sussex-food sister company, Fin and Farm), we are all about seasonality. In this country, we mourn the passing of summer and eagerly await it’s return – but in wishing away the seasons we bypass a myriad of delights and pleasures that are essential to our well-being…

Whether roasting chestnuts on a log fire, kicking through golden autumnal leaves or watching the first buds of spring, seasonality is all about appreciation. And while cool autumn and down-right frosty winter can leave us feeling like we’re permanently battling the elements (…in the dark…), we’ve got some tips to restore your spirit and get you excited for the seasons again…

  1. Get out in nature

    There’s no better way to get a buzz and appreciate changing seasons than to immerse yourself in nature – nothing makes you appreciate the beauty of the seasons more! And with science proving the impact of nature on the brain, there’s no excuse not to. So grab some friends, family, a dog, or even appreciate some down time to yourself and find your local nature hotspot. Whether rolling countryside, majestic beach walk or city park stroll, getting out in nature will restore mind, body and soul.

  2. Eat the seasons

    Especially after a walk in the cool wintery air, you need to fuel up! There are plenty of delights that only roll around once a year. Whether digging in to buttery roast squash in the autumn, a lavish Christmas roast (with all the trimmings) or cooking the first green asparagus of spring, eating seasonal is marvelously restorative. And while produce may be more nutritious when eaten seasonally, seasonal food simply tastes better, so why not?

  3. Run a bath and create a mini spa…

    Run a hot bath and infuse with luscious essential oils… It’s such an easy and surefire way to warm up this winter, unwind and regain some spark. Did you know that studies show the power of aromatherapy to reduce blood pressure and increase positive emotions? Create your own spa in the comfort and ease of your home with this simple twist! Rose, lavender, geranium and marjoram are all blissfully relaxing to transport you to a world of calm and health…

  4. Delight in festivities

    There are certain events and festivities that mark the year – so have some fun and celebrate! Reanimate life from the daily routine of work and home by gathering friends and family for holiday parties, meals and local events (how about a Halloween tour of your city, or a trip to a Christmas market?). Take pleasure in the little delights these bring and revel in new and seasonal experiences.

  5. Create some atmosphere

    Heard of hygge? The danish concept of hygge (pronounced hue-gah) is the concept of creating comfort and a mindful atmosphere to make you feel calm and clear. Surround yourself with beautiful, simple things: a quick tidy, a vase of fresh flowers and a natural luxury candle can transform your home space. Cultivating a hygge-inducing environment can make a world of different to your well-being. After all, home is the most important place for peace of mind…

  6. Treat yourself!

    If you’re always busy and low on energy – it may be the last thing you think of doing, but slowing down and taking time for yourself is essential. While getting out in nature and eating seasonally are exceptionally important, putting on a film and delving into a bar or luxurious, quality chocolate and quality glass of wine can truly be restorative and give you that feel good factor. Life is a pleasure. And, after all, chocolate is a proven mood booster

Health in a Hamper!

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Image 1: time for hygge by Matthias Ripp/Flickr (CC)