October 9th

Beauty of Bespoke


No One Fits All

Hampers are a wonderful thing. Brimming with delicious, unusual Sussex goods, no one could be disappointed with an actual basket of tasty food. A luxury hamper filled with delectable Sussex-made products (sparkling vintage Sussex wine from grapes grown in champagne-quality soil anyone? Hand-made rose chocolate?) is positively a delight to recieve.

But, a hamper can be filled with anything to suit anyone. No one gift hamper fits all…

The Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is an art form. It can reflect personal feelings, improve corporate relations, and has an impact on both gift-giver and giftee. The perfect gift is thoughtful and just the right blend of practical and frivolous – with the giftee always in mind.

But finding the perfect gift can be tricky. Everyone has specific likes, dislikes, wants, needs, special occaisions; while we have a range of delicious hampers already on our site, this is exactly why we offer personalised hamper services. Food and drink – fortunately – are a universal favourite that can be easily tailored to be as sensitive to the reveiver as possible. Themed anniversary coming up? Have a client who can’t abide milk chocolate? Friend with very specific taste? No problem – we can make a hamper for that!

We love a good challenge (and believe us, it’s so rewarding to fill a wash-basket hamper with delectable produce that you just know is going to make someone very happy!) and have had fabulous results building personal hampers. This is why we’re so keen to highlight our bespoke service. We’ve done everything from a few tweaks to our existing hampers to some pretty unusual asks…

And, while of course, a gift is a pleasure to receive, did you know that gift-giving increases feel-good hormones such as seratonin in the brain? A personalised hamper can bypass the gift-shopping stress of rushing around on your weekends off and let you jump straight to the feel good factor!

Make It Personal

The process to ordering a personalised hamper is easy. Get in contact and tell us about the recipient, the occasion and your budget and we’ll build the perfect gift.

What does your giftee like? Dislike? What are their interests? Their personality? What’s your relationship? What’s going on in their life right now? (a celebration, are they busy, etc). All details are relevant – a bottle of their favourite type of wine and chocolate bar in a flavour they’ll adore may just be the thing a stressed out recipient needs to unwind!

One of our favourite touches? A hand written gift card. You choose the message, and we’ll write in coloured ink (if you like) for bright, friendly and personal element to the hamper. Whether it’s a simple ‘happy Christmas’ or an elaborate note about a shared memory or how much they mean to you, a hand written gift card is a touching addition.


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