January 11th

Why Hand Written Cards Are Still Important


Image of our hand written card

A Hand Written Card Goes A Long Way

Whether you’re a business owner thanking a client or sending to a friend or family, a handwritten note goes so much further than a typed message. This is something we feel very strongly about, which is why all our own cards are hand written (in good old fashioned ink pen) rather than send any kind of typed note.

In business, handwritten thank yous have long been proven to earn customer loyalty.  Of course, it’s not a sentimental message, but the effort that has gone in to actually putting pen to paper strikes the note with the receiver.  As humans, we are averse to feeling indebted to others, so if someone gives us something, we are wired to return a good deed.  This may be repeat business or a public acknowledgement of you or your product/service.

Simple Yet Effective

It’s a refreshing thought that simple acts can be the most effective – and without breaking your budget.  After all, it’s easy to spend money, but personal touches are most memorable.

A word of warning though – taking the easy option and using handwritten fonts is not an alternative! Some personalisation services may offer this and tell you your customer will be non the wiser….no, just no!  Too many font similarities stand out like a sore thumb.  This kind of artifice just shouts out that you’ll take a shortcut wherever possible and that’s not the message you’re looking to convey.

Customers engage with those who they feel value them – and value often transcends the cost of the service, to some extent.  Not just your customers either, co-workers and suppliers are all part of our network of meaningful human relationships.

Be Yourself

Which brings me back to handwritten notes.  There are lots of templates online (and this link we think is one of the better ones) but in general beware of using language that you wouldn’t use in person. A slightly faulty thank you that is made with honesty will speak volumes more than a note which sounds like it is straight from the Corporate Handbook of Thank Yous.

In business, and definitely in previous years, we were taught to communicate in ‘business mode’ but thankfully now the rulebook has more or less been torn up – and you know, it’s fine to be yourself.  Your colleagues all work with you so using your own voice is fantastic.

Practice Before Committing to Paper!

Oddly enough, hand writing notes isn’t something most of us do these days on a regular basis either. So we do recommend that you write your message down first on a blank piece of paper.  This is partly to refresh the handwriting muscles(!) and also because you’ll be surprised how much space your note will take up.  Unless you’re writing a full letter (not advisable), keep it simple and the equivalent of one small paragraph.

In these times of quick online communication, a quick note by email is really easy.  Sending a letter/card/gift by post and taking time to write will really brighten the day of one happy recipient.

I hope this is useful – please do share any comments or suggestions.


Our Personalised Cards

We offer a selection of three specially designed cards by designer and illustrator Sarah Ferrari.  We handwrite these with an old fashioned calligraphy pen to showcase your message as beautifully as possible.