October 25th

How to Create A Blissful Home Spa Experience

How are you feeling?

Blustering winter weather, work pressures, family commitments and seasonal stresses – the chances are you’re not spending nearly enough time on yourself.

So, what do you need to counter this?

A spa day, of course! Taking time for yourself sends a powerful message of self worth. If you’re longing to rejuvenate, then we’ve got the tips for you to transform into a blissed-out zen being. And all from the ease and simplicity of your home!

You’ll never have to forgo self-care again. Read on for the ultimate home relaxation experience…

1. Set the Scene

Choose your designated spa room and create some ambiance. You want the atmosphere to be as peaceful as possible. A quick tidy, some fresh flowers and clean towels will do wonders. (Tip: flowers are proven to increase feelings of happiness – don’t underestimate the power of treating yourself to a bouquet!)

Once you’ve got the base, set the mood. Dim lighting, essential oils burning and the flickering of candles will transform any space into a world of blissful calm. Don’t forget – gentle music will add an extra dimension of calm to your at home spa experience. (Tip: Weightless by Marconi Union is proven to be the most relaxing song)

2. Breath In Bliss

Scent is crucial. Spa experiences are centered on aromatherapy – with good reason. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their powerful botanical properties. Wonderfully restorative for physical, mental and emotional well-being, each essential oil has different benefits.

Which oils do we recommend?  For relaxation and stress reduction: lavender, rose, ylang ylang, bergamot, chamomile and marjoram. Immerse your sense of smell by simply adding to a bath, carrier oil, moisturizer or diffuser. (Tip: always use natural essential oils – synthetic scents offer no benefit).

Crucially, before starting your at-home spa experience: breathe. You don’t have to do a full length meditation. But a few deep breathes and conscious effort to centre yourself will go a long way to creating peace of mind.

3. Indulge the Senses

You’ve set the scene (sight and sound). You’ve taken some deep breaths (body awareness and smell). Now, to fully immerse yourself in your at home spa experience.


A spa experience is all about allowing yourself to indulge in a way that is entirely beneficial to your body and mind. Pour yourself a drink to relax. Herbal tea is wonderfully calming. A glass of sparkling wine, however, will help you relax and give you that longed for feeling of luxury.

Go a step further. Chocolate is a wonderful mood booster. Luxuriate in a few squares (or, if you’re like me, rows…) of *quality* chocolate. By truly tasting your food and drink, you consciously slow down from everyday life for a true mind-body experience.


An absolute relaxation must? A hot bath. Infuse with essential oils, surround with sensual candles and even sprinkle rose petals for an out-of-this-world experience. This is your time to rejuvinate, so why not? (Tip: surrounding yourself with nature – such as a sprinkling of petals in your bath – is proven to increase stress recovery. Don’t be afraid to go that extra step -you deserve it!)

What else? Treat yourself to – and take pleasure in – a beauty regime. Slather on that cliche face mask, slice those cucumbers and pull out all the beauty stops…

Finally, give yourself an aromatherapy massage. While we’d all like a masseur on hand, massage can be done at home for a no-excuses wellness experience. Start with your feet – they’re shockingly under appreciated! A bit of TLC can do wonders for your well-being. Check this link out for how.

Ready for your at home spa experience? Let us know if you liked these tips! Know someone who’d love or deserves a bit of self-care? We’ve got the gift for you…

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Credits: Image: Blizzard by Delyth Angharad/ Flickr (CC)/ Image: Real Yoga by Blanca/ Flickr (CC)/ Image: Cheers to the Sunset by Susanne Nilsson/Flickr (CC)/ Image: Spa by Dennis Wong/Flickr (CC)