October 16th

Rose Secrets: What Makes Rose So Special?


This week, we’re launching the new Rose Tinted Hamper. Lovers of the blissfully relaxing and luxurious scent of rose will delight in the array of goods on offer…

But what makes a rose hamper so special?

There’s no question about it. The whole world has a love affair with rose – and it’s no surprise. With it’s dark, enticingly floral scent, silky petals and and sharp, thorny stems, the rose is a plant that evokes passion, fairy-tales, and luxury. A quick glance of roses across history show that this flower has many intriguing stories to tell…

From ancient Greece, where roses were one of Aphrodite’s sacred plants (after she ran through a bed of thorns to reach her injured mortal love, the blood from her feet formed a new shape: the rose), to Shakespeare’s evocation of beauty, roses are a part of our cultural iconography:

     Nor did I wonder at the lily’s white, nor praise the deep vermilion in the rose;
     They were but sweet, but figures of delight, drawn after you, you pattern of all those.
     Sonnet 98

But, while they’re deeply entwined in our history, art and mythology, how do we actually use rose?

Roses in Real Life

Who wouldn’t be charmed by receiving a bouquet of roses? Flowers have been proven to increase feelings of happiness and improve social relations. But when giving a rose, colour is crucial. Don’t just pick any old bouquet! 

Yellow roses signify friendship and happiness. A red rose (of course) is a colour to give to your love. Pink roses denote grace, affection and appreciation. And cream, simply, is a colour of thoughtfulness and care. Rose colour symbolism isn’t just powerful – it’s diverse!


There’s no secret to discerning an edible rose: all roses are edible. But the secret to finding a truly delectable and delicious rose? Scent. Whether a sweet fruity floral scent or a dark spice, the scent will imbue sweets, stews, salads and teas with its heady aroma.

And, with garden roses and commercial roses worlds apart in bloom, colour and fragrace, so much is compromised in the mission to produce the most profitable rose to sell. Not to mention, with the possibility of artificial colours, you probably won’t want to chop a supermarket bouquet up into your salad. Instead, opt for roses you’ve grown, or those from a friend or neighbor.  

Rose petals can be coated in sugar syrup and dried for a fragrant candy, or dried by themselves to flavour cooking and teas. If using rose yourself, be sure to cut of the white base of the petal – for that is the only bitter part of this romantic ingredient.

10,000 PETALS

Roses aren’t just a treat for the eyes; with it’s far reaching botanical properties, rose oil is used as a heavenly health and beauty promoting ingredient. Naturally anti-bacterial, Rose gently cleanses and purifies the skin, as well holding anti-inflammatory properties to soothe even the most sensitive compositions. Not to mention, adding rose to your wellness regime is proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Compared to a scented placebo, one study found rose oil to decrease blood pressure and reported feelings of stress. Perfect!

Whats-more, it’s also the ultimate luxury. It takes 10,000 petals to produce just one ounce of rose oil! What better them for a luxury hamper than rose?

Rose Tinted

If you’re infatuated with rose or know someone who would adore the powerful properties of this plant, then we’ve got the hamper for you! Our Rose Tinted Hamper is a delectable mix of handmade rose-imbued chocolate, sparkling Sussex rosé wine, fantastical rose-scented Turkish delight (made in Sussex, 100% natural), rose aromatherapy bath salts and rose aromatherapy candle (all 100% natural and made in Sussex  using Sussex grown botanicals).  Find the Rose Tinted Hamper here. 


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Image: Rose by Pittou2/Flickr (CC)