November 6th

The devil is in the detail


When we set out to launch our hampers, we had a definite idea of what we wanted.  A must is a stylish box that would be useful way after the contents have been consumed or stashed.

Anyone who knows us, also knows that we love boxes.  In an ideal world, our house contents would be neatly organised, labelled and delightfully categorised.  However, as we have recently moved…the utopian dream is limited to creating our hamper boxes until we have real cupboards or even shelves…

So…hamper gift boxes…where to start? If a box is to be useful, then it has to close properly.  No cheap or badly connected fittings.  After all, when you get into a car, don’t you feel more secure if the door has a luxurious secure clunk when you close it?

Why is the hamper strap important to this function? It’s an essential part of the mechanism that will make your gift last for a long time.  If you are using it in future to store photographs, theatre tickets or special mementos, then you want a box that will stand the test of time.


So no skimping…

So, to create the box we want ourselves was a labour of love.  Each leather strap is hand-cut by Wolfram Lohr at his workshop in Hove.  Wolfram is a complete perfectionist who creates beautiful contemporary leather goods.  So for us, he hand cuts the leather – each piece to the exact size.  The leather is then polished to a satin patina and edged to create the even and sharp finish.

Each strap is held in place on the box with a satisfyingly chunky Loxx button.  Precision manufactured, these buttons are used where strength and style are most important – from luxury car soft tops to guitar straps… and are tough enough to be used in marine fastenings on yachts.  With a nifty inner spring, these little buttons are super-strong and easy to click on/click off.

Once the fastenings are in place, each birchwood box is then carefully hand finished and stamped with a high-grade ink logo.

The process of creating these was a long one……we had several trials with creating straps, positioning and fixings til we arrived at the right box we were happy with.  We have taken time to choose boxes that we hope all our customers will feel reassured when they send their gift, that the box will be as appreciated as the contents!