September 22nd

Walnut Liqueur 3 Ways

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and delectable liqueurs of our hampers is Blackdown’s walnut liqueur. An amber hued spirit with a sweet, nutty taste, this dark liqueur is evocative of rolling Italian hills, French villages and cool autumnal evenings.

Our walnut liqueur, however, is 100% British in origin, and brewed using traditional methods. Blackdown distillery, nestled in the foothills of the South Downs National Park, is arguably situated at the heart of Sussex’s beauty. Surrounded by ancient woodland and striking Sussex hills, small batches of walnut liqueur are brewed using green walnuts and natural botanicals for exquisite quality, flavour and care.

Walnut liqueur is an enticing but elusive spirit, and you may find yourself wondering just how to enjoy this aromatic and magical brew…

How to enjoy:

Sweet and flavoursome, Blackdown walnut liqueur is perfect to be enjoyed on its own to appreciate its distinct taste. But, if you’re after a little more inspiration, we’ve got some ideas up our sleeve…

1. Spice up your winter cocktails!

Old Fashioned with a walnut kick

The Old Fashioned has seen a revival in recent years, showing up in bars across the world. And thank goodness! The Old Fashioned may be timeless, but give this classic a twist with a splash of walnut spirit…


1 dessert spoon sugar
A splash of Blackdown walnut liqueur
2oz whiskey
Orange peel

In a glass, place the sugar in with a good  splash of walnut liqueur and stir until combined.  Add in orange peel and stir again to combine flavours. Finally add the ice and the bourbon, giving it a good stir the meld to a perfect Walnut old fashioned, and enjoy listening to atmospheric music…

Spiced Walnut Toddy

A crisp country walk are what winter’s a made of. But be sure to warm up afterwards with a sweetly spiced walnut kick.


1oz of walnut liqueur
1 tsp raw Sussex  honey
1 stick of cinnamon
3 cloves
A splash of hot water

Heat the water with the spices until hot and gently aromatic. Combine the liqueur and honey in a heat proof glass and add the hot water to top. Add a squeeze of lemon for zing and garnish with a slice of lemon and the cinnamon stick.

2.  Alcoholic walnut ice-cream

This one is easy, quick and never fails to satisfy.

2 generous scoops of high quality vanilla or coffee ice cream
A handful of crushed, toasted nuts
20g shaved dark chocolate
A good dash of walnut liqueur

Scoop the ice-cream into your favourite bowl. Top with the crushed nuts, chocolate shavings and top generously with walnut liqueur. Enjoy curled cosily up by the fire…

3. The best ever winter walnut coffee

This one is perfect when you’re having a dinner party and want to finish the evening with something special.


Strong espresso
25ml (or a good dash) of walnut liqueur

Make your espresso, and while still hot, add in your dash of liqueur. The perfect finish to a meal, walnut liqueur not only adds a dark, sweet, nutty kick to your coffee but is also a digestif!

Walnut liqueur in our hampers:

Considered the “best liqueur in the world” by Paul Pacult, the drink expert and author of Kindred Spirits, this Sussex special is a must try. Know a liqueur aficionado who would love these recipes? Take a look at our Evening Spirit, Ashdown, Medway and Beacon hampers!

Received a bottle of Blackdown walnut liqueur in one of our hampers? Let us know how you like to enjoy it by tagging us in your social media (@sussexhamperco).