September 18th

Totally Irresistible Salted Caramel


New to our sweet hamper – totally irresistible salted caramel to satisfy any sweets lover!

In the charming and picturesque seaside town of Worthing, situated at the foot of the Sussex Downs, a delectable range of preserves are hand made by artisan Jacqueline Morris. With the finest quality Sussex ingredients, thoughtfully put together and made in small batches for optimal flavour, Jacqueline’s company, Perfectly Preserved, is unrivaled in quality and care.

And, by far, the product we’re most excited about: Perfectly Preserved’s Salted Caramel. Dripping with luxury, this creamy, sweet and salty caramel is a true spoonful of heaven. Originally concocted in Brittany, France, in the late 70s by renowned choclatier Henri Le Roux, Henri was as passionate as we are about using local ingredients. Because of the high quality salty butter renowned in the region, Henri knew that he just had to use it in his sweet creations to set them apart from other confectioners at the time. And, to our fortune, salted caramel arose. Jacqueline’s salty and sweet treat, however, uses as much Sussex origin ingredients as possible to capture the flavour and quality of regional Sussex produce.

What makes salted caramel taste so good?

The simple answer: layering. With sweet and salty notes, you get twice the flavour. Both sweetness and salt are pleasurable to our tongues; and, when you get the ratio just perfect, the contrast results in a level of flavour that other sweets just can’t live up to!

How to eat salted caramel:

The first – and possibly only way once you’ve opened this jar of goodness – is by the spoonful! But, if you can restrain yourself, this jar can open up a world of flavour possibilities. Spoon onto ice cream for an out-of-this-world treat, stir into hot chocolate, line decadent homemade cakes or add to any number of homemade bakes. A spoonful in milkshakes, stirred into popcorn, or even as a luxurious addition to creamy oatmeal will transform everyday treats.

Sound appealing to you? Find this treat in our Sweet Sussex…

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